Finally a version of Asphalt worthy of it's rich street racing history!.
After downloading Asphalt 7 Heat, I was still in,"sticker shock", then I thought just another freemium release. After playing for at least an hour, I realized that out of pocket purchases are not warented nor, necessary. Playing on my iPad 2, I found the graphics rich and with NO lag, the level of detail is beautiful and with AirPlay no problems encountered. If you decide to tie your FB account to the game, that's where you will see extra cash! After every race, acheivements, leveling up, and objective met you receive up to $5,000 in game cash per post! Pros: Having access to nice cars happen's soon than you think.
Wide variety of game modes with clear instructions is awesome
Leveling of the A.I. is more realistic given the last 2 versions of Asphalt.
Bringing in the ability to rent, or "try before you buy (import from GT+ Acadamy is nice too!
A lot less chaos in race, hard to describe but much better with this version then with the 2
previous versions of asphalt.
Cons: Online play is still a bit confusing and jumbled.
Not sure if I like paying for ssponsorship seems to me a bit backwards.
Very unclear markings for shortcuts, especially at 175 MPH!!